Join the CUPP Bubble Tea Revolution

Become part of CUPP, where we redefine bubble tea with authenticity and innovation at the core. Our franchise offers: Extensive training in the art of bubble tea creation. Guidance on establishing your bubble tea haven with our distinctive aesthetic. Marketing support to share the unique CUPP experience. Access to our premium supply chain for authentic ingredients.

Crafting the Healthiest Bubble teas

At CUPP, we prioritize: Authenticity and quality, using real tea leaves and milk in our recipes. A commitment to an eco-friendly approach, embracing sustainability in our operations.

Become a Bubble Tea Franchisee

Aligning with CUPP means more than opening a shop—it’s about leading a movement. Enjoy: Comprehensive support from our passionate team. The thrill of bringing a fresh and exciting bubble tea culture to your community.

Your Invitation to Make Waves

We’re looking for innovative spirits ready to: Embark on a journey of growth and community building. Share the joy and culture of authentic bubble tea with the world. Start your venture with CUPP today and bring the authentic taste of bubble tea to your community. For a deeper dive into their ethos and offerings, check out their website at CUPP Bubble Tea.

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