Oodles is an innovative, ‘quick service’, dining concept. Where food is cooked in open kitchens, right in front of the customers eyes.

Franchise&. works with Oodles as a Regional Developer in Scotland to help Oodles scale up their business in this region. Franchise&. supports franchisees in areas including onboarding, finance, site acquisition, planning permissions shop fit and store launch. 

Oodles can help you with site design, assist with your store opening as well as providing a full training on the operational aspect of the business and providing all franchisees with ongoing support. 

They strongly believe there is a huge opportunity to grow and flourish with the UK’s fastest growing Indo Chinese brand. Oodles has been built on core values and principles that we still adhere to today including Value, Quality, Service and Hygiene.

The Oodles brand has been built on the following core principles: Customer Focus, Professional Service, Passion, providing value for money and continually innovating to keep in line with current market trends.

As part of their growth strategy, they focus heavily on the customer needs and have subsequently evolved the Oodles brand to ensure they remain at the heart of everything they do.

As a franchisee, you will have excellent support and a wealth of unmatched experience at your fingertips. This includes experts who have managed their own stores and specialists who provide support on everything from finance, operations and marketing. From the outset Oodles provide an extensive training program to ensure the quality and service standards are maintained across every part of the franchise network.

In the decade of running the Oodles brand, Oodles Franchisors have found that those franchisees who are willing to learn every part of the business, have good interpersonal skills and can delegate effectively enjoy the most success.

Oodles Chinese want committed business partners who will follow their proven franchise model and aim to be brand ambassadors.

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