The Funfest Franchise Opportunity

Joining Fun Fest as a franchisee, you’ll tap into our extensive experience in delivering top-notch children’s holiday clubs. Here’s what you get:

  • In-depth training aligned with outstanding standards
  • Assistance in selecting the perfect locations and crafting vibrant club settings
  • Support in securing all necessary licenses and adhering to regulations
  • Marketing strategies and tools to boost sign-ups
  • Comprehensive management systems for staff, finances, and policy adherence
  • Continuous mentorship to uphold premier service quality

An Exceptional Education System

Fun Fest’s unique approach puts children’s choices at the forefront, celebrating each child’s uniqueness and fostering their passion for exploration and learning. Our holiday clubs are vibrant playgrounds offering diverse, activity-based programs designed to encourage children’s development through fun and creativity.

Franchise with One of the UK's Premier Childcare Brands

Dive into the exciting world of Fun Fest’s holiday club franchise, where you join a celebrated community focused on enriching children’s lives. As a Fun Fest franchisee, unparalleled support accompanies you at every step, ensuring your holiday club not only launches successfully but continues to flourish across the UK.

Is the Funfest Franchise Right for Me?

We’re on the lookout for franchisees who are passionate about enriching children’s lives and fostering educational brilliance. You don’t need previous experience in childcare—just a vision for creating a vibrant holiday club and a desire to make a significant impact in your community.

Begin your journey toward a rewarding new path by exploring the opportunities with Fun Fest’s holiday club franchise today!

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