Heavenly Desserts was founded in 2008. Since the day this brand was born it has been successfully operated and managed by the directors. Following the opening their first store in 2008, the excitement has spread across the UK about the delicious creations which Heavenly Dessert provides to each and every customer. Since then they have expanded from the UK into the international market.

Franchise&. Is assisting Heavenly Desserts expand to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

It is through attention-to-detail, imagination and innovation that continues to drive Heavenly Desserts into the top dessert brands in the UK. They truly believe that the experience which a customer has while in a Heavenly Desserts is as important as the quality of the product which they serve.

The creative process starts from the beginning. Each store follows an original design concept; however, no two stores look the exact same, allowing each store to incorporate a distinctive design that is crafted to perfection. The experience at Heavenly desserts begins the minute you enter; through to the moment you indulge into a dessert created with the finest ingredients and stays with you as you leave, ensuring you will be back for another experience.

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