Welcome to Franchise&.


Franchise&. drives franchise recruitment and expansion, offering comprehensive support and expertise in franchising.

We offer specialized solutions to streamline the franchise on-boarding process.


Our team of highly-educated individuals can assist you from start to finish throughout your franchise journey. From finding you the perfect brand to match your vision, identifying prime locations through our site acquisition services to facilitating franchise lending applications, project management, and crafting effective marketing strategies, we provide end-to-end support.


With a HQ in the UK, Franchise&. has partnered with 10+ brands, expanding them internationally. Since their inception in 2021, Franchise&. has successfully delivered 50+ stores across brands, with an additional 35+ units in the pipeline and created over 532+ jobs in cities across the globe.


Our comprehensive suite of international consulting services encompasses strategic planning, operational optimisation, financial management in emerging markets.


Stores Delivered

50 +

Pipeline Stores

35 +


532 +

Brands we work with

10 +


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