Scaling up your brand

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  • Over the course of the last decade franchising continues to show growth each subsequent year not only in terms of numbers of brands franchising, but also numbers of franchisees, numbers employed in franchise businesses and the overall turnover of the franchise sector.
  • Franchise& is a global franchising brand specializing in the Food and Beverage Sector. All of our team have extensive experience in designing marketing campaigns through social media and various other outlets, along with recruiting franchisees from generated enquiries. We recognize that depending on the brand, or the sector, the target audience differs, and we develop our campaigns to reflect this.
  • One of the most difficult aspects of franchising is often turning a new lead into a qualified franchisee. With our experience we are able to do this quickly, and efficiently with you ultimately not being involved until the signing off of the final interview. However, you may be involved as little or as much as you want in the earlier processes.

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