Welcome to SureCare, an award-winning care franchise with over 23 years of industry experience.

With a SureCare franchise, you are in business for yourself with the guidance and support of the SureCare team to help you along the way. Since it’s emergence in 1994, SureCare has grown to become one of the UK’s leading care service providers. The brand provides a range of outstanding support to families such as personal care and support to the elderly as well as to adults and children with disabilities. The brand believes that they provide an invaluable service which allows people to remain at home in their family surroundings, enjoying a comfortable and enhanced quality of life.

What makes SureCare unique in the world of care is the huge variety of services they make available to families, including; companionship care, home-help for adults and children, personal care, domestic babysitting services. The brand also offers more specialised care services such as children’s mobile creche provision for domestic and commercial clients, respite care, hospice care and end-of life care.

Society in Britain has seen a dramatic change in our demographics for the first time in our history, with the majority of people in the UK now being aged 60 years and above as opposed to under the age of 18, which was how things were in the past. With this new demographic market, the UK home care value now stands at a staggering £6 billion, with over two thirds of this being spent on over 65s.

SureCare offers it’s franchisees the opportunity to create their own successful business in one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, with both financial rewards and the knowledge that you are making a difference to your local community by providing an invaluable service. 

For potential franchisees, it is not essential that you have had any care experience to run a profitable SureCare franchise but you will need to be ambitious, hard-working and committed to making a difference. You must also be a compassionate person with excellent people skills and have the skills and capabilities to manage and lead people.



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