CUPP is a premium bubble tea brand that makes the best, healthiest bubble tea in unique spaces!

Franchise&. works with CUPP as the Master Franchisee for the region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

CUPP can help you with site design and set up, assist with your store opening as well as providing a full training on the operational aspect of the business and providing all franchisees with ongoing support.

With the global bubble tea market valued at $1.89B in 2018 and expected to grow to $3.49B by 2026 it’s clear to see that this is one of the fastest growing beverage sectors there is a huge opportunity to grow your business and expand in this growing market.

The CUPP brand prides itself on their strong ethos with a major emphasis on only using the best and freshest ingredients to create the perfect bubble tea. While creating their own purees and syrups the brand also makes sure to use quality products throughout the production making use of quality loose leaf tea, organic milk, premium milk substitutes and fresh fruit to give them full control over what goes into their teas and ensuring that they can create the healthiest bubble teas on the market.

CUPP has been built with the brands important ethos in mind and this is showcased with their interesting store designs in unique express café/bar environments, their focus on making an ethically sustainable brand (being the first in the UK to use fully compostable and biodegradable bamboo straws for their bubble teas) and their brands strong tag-line BUBBLE TEA REFINED. With these brand ethos in mind CUPP are looking for partners who share these values and have the same passion and integrity for their business.

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